My bliss

I woke up early that morning

The sun, filtering through the blinds woke me up…it is going to be a good day I thought. I spend a few hours in the early hours of the morning cooking up a fest for my guests of the day. Nothing better than the lovely sweet scent of a carrot cake filling the house to make me happy in the morning.  Yet today was not a cooking class…today I was about to facilitate an encaustic workshop with people who already knew a thing or two about the encaustic process. I felt a bit nervous. I have done many encaustic workshops for beginners…but this time, my guests have experience in the medium…what if…I brushed my doubts with a wave of my hand and sips on my second coffee, bathing in the sunshine before their arrival.

The day went swimmingly, and I felt rather foolish having doubts. As soon as they arrived and after a lovely coffee sitting outside in the sun catching up like old friends, they just got on with creating, each having a very clear idea of what they wanted to achieve during the day. I shared some techniques, and they kept going, almost forgetting I was there. What a delight this was to witness my passion for this amazing medium, stretching to  the participants, each trying to make every minutes of this time spent in my workshop, enjoyable, each lost in that in-between space which is creativity, each amazing finished works filling the steps outside for all to see.


Spending time in my workshop on my own is one of the most valuable moment in my world. Yet I have to carve this time for me, each and every day. There is always something else to do, a friend calls to offer trip to the sea, another offering to pop over for tea and natter. Yet, I very often need to be firm with my boundaries and stand to temptation. Each day spend in the workshop, alone with myself, fills me with bliss and help satiate my hunger for creation, a week or two without that, and I become restless. I guess setting fire to my painting as a daily job, does help a lot.


Yet, I do enjoy my monthly workshops, when I opened my door to otherartists,art enthusiasts, coming to my space to create, learn and share. It does feed me and inspire me. I found my groove, a careful balance between a solitary wolf lifestyle by choice and a socialite and this make me deliriously happy.






I have a few workshops coming up this Spring; on the 29th April for advanced encaustic techniques, and the 13th May for beginners at my studio, by the shores of Lough Derg, County Clare. Drop me a line for bookings or info at


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