Stop, recharge, reload


Autumn has settled and the landscape has changed radically here by the lakeshores.

This is by far my most favorite season, with her cloud-loaded skies, outbursts of copper and gold and delicious scents of turf fires in the evenings.

I have been trying to keep an healthy balance in between a heavy schedule of workshops and well overdue self care by setting up some me time wandering the woods  with my two faithful furry companions. I seemed to have gone on overdrive over the summer months and autumn is the time of the year when I am planning to slow things down to recharge and focus a bit more on my own work.


Self care

I have enjoyed my walks immensely in the nearby forest which has transformed in an aria of golden hues.

These silent times have recharged my batteries and in the same breath filled my eyes and heart with a never ending source of inspiration for future works.  Self-care is something I have paid more attention to this year, discovering that my body was an ally well worth caring for…who knew??

I actually encountered this quote recently which resonated deeply (and I hope it will for you too)

“For a woman who has chosen family as well as work, there’s never time, and yet somehow time is given to us as time is given to the man who must sail a ship or chart the stars. For most writers it takes many manuscripts before enough royalties are coming in to pay for a roof over the head and bread on the table. Other jobs must often be found to take care of bread and butter. A certain amount of stubbornness—pig-headedness—is essential. — I’m often asked how my children feel about my work, and I have to reply, “Ambivalent.” Our firstborn observed to me many years ago, when she was a grade-school child, “Nobody else’s mother writes books.” But she also said, around the same time, “Mother, you’ve been very cross and edgy with us lately, and we’ve noticed that you haven’t been writing, and we wish you’d get back to the typewriter.” A wonderfully freeing remark. I had to learn that I was a better mother and wife when I was working than when I was not.”
Madeleine L’Engle, Walking on Water

It does touch deep doesn’t it??

Maintaining this very delicate balance is a daily struggle. it can be so overwhelming at times and not many people do or want to understand how important it may be for us creatives to have that release, that time set apart, for this NEED, this insatiable hunger we feel to create whatever it may be, each and every day; without it, I am lost.

Creativity does not only limit itself to the studio, but extends to the time I have to ‘carve’ aside for daily inspiration.  Walking the woods, the lakeshores and the seashores make me sane and do feed my soul. I come back refreshed and ready to do my work which in the past few years has been inspired by the essence of the land, the sea and the skies. It is a daily promise or commitment to my work and to myself and in the same breath to my family. If I do not feed this hunger, I am becoming irritated and frustrated, something you do not want to witness in an overly passionate French woman I am telling you! A caged wild animal would be the only way to describe how it feels within. Not good. For everybody involved.

When I feel like I do not have the time to do all the things I have to do…

This is when I set the time for self-care, because these are the moments I need it the most.

These are the moments when I have to give myself permission to take a break.

Easier said than done, I know, I know .

Once you do this, you will find yourself more focused and inspiration renewed.

My family approves and breath with relief too…all is good in wonderland again.


Some studio news

I cannot believe how quickly the year went, I feel like I am part of this whirlwind of happy faces and incredible artworks done by my customers, I am forever grateful!

A little slideshow with samples of works done during the past few workshops:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Only a few workshops left this year and then I fold in for two months off, enjoying the winter painting by my stove in my warm studio.  Life is not too bad really, no complaining here!

My autumn schedule was a great success and is now almost booked out with only three spots left for the 10th November, grab them when you can!

I am already working ‘backstage’ on dates for 2019 with workshops in Dublin, Galway , Cork and some surprises, so don’t forget to keep an eye on my blog post in January with tonnes of offers and get on my waiting list, who will have priority for all workshops before everybody else…my way of saying thank you !


Exhibition Kinvara

And lastly, I am super excited to have my work exhibited among the very talented artists of the East Clare art trail, Art in Studios, at the Secret garden Gallery in Kinvara.

And when you are visiting this beautiful part of the world, why not pushing along and go for a visit to the beautiful Burren, which does wear a symphony of gold and red at this time of the year, you will not regret it!

You may even find me there, roaming the windswept hills…Just stop and say hello if you do.

Pilgrimage to Mullaghmore, framed encaustic painting on panel, now viewable at the Secret Garden Gallery, Kinvara, county Galway.


Do you want to be part of the journey and  find your flow? Are you curious about encaustic painting? Are you looking for something new to spark up your creativity this Autumn? Then I would love sharing with you my passion for encaustic painting !

Have a wondrous and creative week !

Don’t forget to share the encaustic love to anyone you would think may be interested into trying their hands at this amazing process and do not hesitate to drop me a line if you wish to know more!

Thank you all for your wonderful support and looking forward sharing this amazing process with you in the near future!



PS: I post regularly my artist process, free encaustic demonstrations and what fires me up along the way on my blog. If you wish to be notified by email, please subscribe to my mailing list, thank you!

Facebook Live encaustic demonstration, Friday 26th January

Hi there

Well I can safely say right now that am on a roll with social media and I am super excited to introduce this new venture of mine, exploring the wonderful world of videos.  I have discovered FB Live, and what a fab tool, which allows me to talk to you about what is going on and for you to see me in action doing what I do best, play with blowtorches, molten beeswax and pigments!


I will be holding a free encaustic demonstration at 7.30pm

on Friday 26th January at the Birr Theatre and art centre for the openingof my solo show ‘Land Sea and sky’.

During this demonstration, which will last about 40 minutes, I will introduce those present to the amazing process that is encaustic painting!

You will be able to know everything you need to know about this ancient art, which involves molten pigmented beeswax; plus you will be able to watch me play with my blowtorch, such fun!

I will show you basics techniques of encaustic painting, sharing its spontaneous virtues of working with textures and colours and its versatility with building up layers.

AND I will also be able to answer all your questions!




Now, I do not expect all of you to be present physically at the opening, so as a present to all my customers and those who support my work, I will have a free FB live session on my artist page: Wild fire and wax.

Here are the few directions in order to view and not miss the FB live session of the encaustic demonstration which will take place, simultaneously next Friday, 26th April (or watch the replay):

  1. Like my page: Wild Fire and wax
  2. Go to the live video where I explain what will happen on the night. Watch replay here.
  3. In the right hand corner of the post click on the three little dots
  4. Click on Turn on Live notifications


Open the Wild fire and wax page, click under following and click all on (notifications, videos…)


It is that easy!

Hopefully I will catch you all next Friday at 7.30 PM there or online!

#keepcalmandcarryonpainting !

Best wishes,


Wild Fire & Wax studio

Land Sea and Sky and a little treat


Hi there

Christmas is looming and plenty has been going on in the

Wild Fire& wax  encaustic studio.

This week, I have been thrilled to collect and reconnect with the encaustic paintings from the exhibition ‘Land, Sea and Sky’ which have been exhibited for the last month at the Solas art gallery in County Leitrim. I had not seen them for awhile, having travelled to different galleries across Ireland over the last few months for others to see and hopefully enjoyed.

As I unwrapped each fragrant work from their protective wrapping the imagery took me daydreaming to their place of conception…the Great Sea, my most favourite subject matter which has been flowing through my work for the last few decades.



The sea calls me on a regular basis, and I tend to heed her call whenever I can escape from my daily life. I can also safely say that she definitely kept me sane over the summer when my whole world collapse on a personal level.
At time, a distant wisp of salty air carried across the land is brought to this part of Ireland, where I have been living for the last 4 months, sheltered between the mountains, the forest and the lake. This very brief wisp of salty air tends to take me by surprise as it slowly unfolds in his lingering waves memories of time past.
Having been born and raised by the sea, I have constantly hungered to see, feel, touch, smell and taste her deep waters. My purest bliss would be to swim, bathe, play and love in her velvety waves. The terrible mother tried to claim me once as a child, only to be rescued by my loving father, jumping in to prevent her waters swallowing me in the darkening abyss, claiming me.


Her salty gems have glistened on my skin and shone in my soul, I have heard her call so many times, and the rage of her waters has soothed my pains and stilled my mind in the shadiest of times.

When she calls, I pick up my camera and jump in the car. She knows the way, I can only trust. And the Burren, county Clare, is the place I always end up. Every time. The stark landscape, uncompromising, where the light pays games with the clouds, revealing world in the smallest recesses of the coves or in the depths of the ancient woods.





I have climbed the hills countless times and stood in the heights listening to the whispers of the winds and felt cleansed by the cold blustery rain.
It was only natural for me to dedicate a full series of artworks on the theme of Land, Sea and sky. In this body of work, I have been compelled to explore the primal theme of light embedded in my connection to the ever changing landscape of the Burren. Each work acts as a reflective rendition of the remarkable light value of this incredibly beautiful place, composed entirely of the environment’s three most prominent physical characteristics, the Land, the Sea and the sky. As the light shift slowly through the environment, the boundaries between each becomes increasingly blurry, each merging into the other, all becoming Light and reflections.


I strive to conjure up a sense of liminality in my paintings, where there is no separation between Land, Sea and sky, in order to ignite the imagination of the viewer while I reflect on the aesthetic power of light enhanced through layers of molten pigmented wax.
There is so much beauty in working with encaustics. The translucent layers, the smell of honey that radiates from each piece, the organic textures, and the glorious shine of each piece, I am forever in love with it.





And now here comes the good news for you my faithful subscribers. As seasonal treat, there is 15% off all week long on all the mini framed encaustic seascape which are part of the Land Sea and sky series starting immediately!

So why not treat yourself or a loved one if you are the sharing kind with a special gift made with Passion, Fire and Wax.


Use SEA2017 at checkout for 15% off your order!
Offer Valid until Sunday 3rd December 2017. Order early to ensure holiday delivery!



Thank you for your custom,





Encaustic demonstration, Signal Art centre, 28th April 2017

Hi there,

Encaustic artist, Isabelle Gaborit

Never in a million years I would have thought I would have been able to do something like this, however, if I have the choice between standing around at my own opening explaining  my painting process and getting busy doing an encaustic demonstration, ie doing what I do love best in front of an audience…Well…no real choice there.

Live demonstration it was and I went for it. The whole thing required a lot of organization, constant advertising and reminders about the time and place to watch the Facebook live stream, and all of this was way before I stood in front of the camera and…Well, hopefully not freeze or become a blabbering mess. Those who came to my workshops do know that I am a chatter box; I do love talking, especially when it is about encaustic techniques or art, my favorite subjects. But doing it in front of the camera was a different kettle of fish.

Anyhow, it all happened way too quickly, so quickly I did not get the chance to panic or retract.   The hotplates, blowtorches and other tools were just finished being set up  at the Signal art centre in Bray that the public started to float the gallery and there I was talking  in front of the audience and people who were watching online.  I actually forgot that the camera was there and utterly enjoyed the process. It happened that the video was watched by 800 people (so far), which is incredible! I am shuffled really for all your support and curiosity for this amazing medium.


Encaustic demonstration

So as a gift to all my subscribers, and all those who would like to know what the hell encaustic means, this little video is for you: the encaustic demonstration, signal art centre, on Friday 28 April. You can also view this video via my Facebook page, Wild Fire & Wax.









I would also like to remind you that I am having an early bird offer, 20% off all my summer workshops until Friday 5th May, yes tomorrow! Use the coupon SUMMER2017 at the checkout . So don’t miss this amazing offer on alternative week ends or art retreat ! For more information and booking please visit this page

Facebook Live encaustic session on Friday 28th April

Hi there


Well I can safely say right now that am on a roll with social media.  I have discovered FB Live, and what a fab tool, which allows me to talk to you about what is going on and for you to see me in action doing what I do best, set my paintings on fire !

As you may know, I am holding a free encaustic demonstration at 6.30pm on Friday 28th April at the Signal art Centre in Bray. During this demonstration, I will introduce the participants to the basics techniques of encaustic painting, sharing its spontaneous virtues of working with textures and colors and its versatility with building up layers. Now, I do not expect all of you to be present physically at the opening, so as a present to all my customers and those who support my work, I will have a free FB live session on my artist page: Wild fire and wax.

Here are the few directions in order to view and not miss the FB live session of the encaustic demonstration which will take place this Friday, 28th April (or watch the replay):


1)Like my page: Wild Fire and wax
2)Go to the live video where I explain what will happen on the night.
3) In the right hand corner of the post click on the downward arrow
5) Click on See more options
6) Click on Turn on Live notifications,

It is that easy!

Hopefully I will catch you all this Friday at 6.30 PM there or online,









Firepaint With Me

Are you intrigued or curious about encaustic painting, an ancient painting process using pigmented molten beeswax?

Are you art enthusiast wanting to discover a new versatile creative process in an intimate studio setting?

At the Wild Fire & Wax studio, I provide an artistic workshop with a difference, where participants are coached to explore their own ‘fiery side’ via the medium of encaustic painting, an ancient painting process involving molten pigmented beeswax and blowtorch. Through workshops around Ireland or in my studio on the scenic shores of Lough Derg, county Clare, I help my customers to awaken, unfold and expand their talents and creativity through the exploration of a versatile, easy and effective artistic method so they have the opportunity to express what fires them up and create beautiful atmospheric artwork in a relax and inspiring environment.


Art Classes for everyone: absolute beginners and developing artists alike.During the workshops, I introduce the participants to the basic techniques of encaustic painting, sharing its spontaneous virtues of working with texture and colors and its versatility with building up layers.

You will have the opportunity to learn easy and effective techniques in a fun and relax atmosphere and create beautiful artworks to bring home.Using an experimental approach to explore technique and manipulate the paint, you will be able to create a beautiful artwork and embellish it using a wide range of techniques


During the class, I will share with you  my experience in Encaustic painting and techniques that include:

∴ Resources on Safety, ventilation, correct working temperatures, and proper use of equipment.

∴ Appropriate supports and grounds, palette, brushes, colours and studio set up.

∴ Different ways to apply paint, fusing options.

∴ Mastering the enchanting Shellac burn technique

∴ How to achieve a smooth/textured surface.

∴ Create your own colours and making your own medium

∴ Incorporating mixed media techniques and embedding elements such as collage

∴ Mark making and Stencilling


Important note: Due to the high demand for  my workshops this year, all places on all workshops are limited and sold on a first-booked, first-served basis, which means that you will need to secure your space via my website  as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Class limited to 4 participants for a personal and intimate studio setting experience.

(6 to 8 students in venue other than Isabelle’s studio)


















One to one private sessions now available


Are you looking for a step by step, private and personalized one to one session in a supportive and inspiring environment?

Do you have a project or the kernel of an idea for your creative practise and need some direction?

Here at the Wild Fire & wax studio, by the scenic shores of Lough Derg, County Clare, I aim to create a welcoming space to unleash your creativity and give you the time to explore and experiment with all the possibilities the encaustic process has to offer.

Tuitions catered for all levels and needs, from beginner to experience.

Options available:

1 day One to one session (10-4pm)

€170 (all materials included/ additional fee for larger works, to be discussed prior registration)


2 days One to One sessions (10-4pm both days)

€300 (all materials included/ additional fee for larger works, to be discussed prior registration)


Please email me for more information or questions and to schedule an appointment.


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‘Of paper and wax’, a collaborative fusion of collage and encaustics, by artists Isabelle Gaborit and Margaret Curran

In Isabelle Gaborit’s art studio located right on the scenic shore of Lough Derg, Art in Studios’ artists Isabelle Gaborit and Margaret Curran, will hold an event for culture night on Friday 16th September from 6 to 8 pm.
Participants will have the opportunity to see both artists collaborate on one piece of work using their own re14207615_1755288131377954_3853934755140928849_ospective techniques of decoupage (tissue paper and news paper and images out of magazines) and encaustics (ancient painting process using molten beeswax, resins and natural pigments.)

Original works, Prints and cards will also be available in a price range of €9 to €250. So pop along and watch the artists at work in a beautiful setting. All welcome. Free event.

Date: Friday 16th September 2016
Isabelle Gaborit encaustic studio
County Clare

Sat Nav: 52.95813928991052; -8.328859803560817
Contact: Isabelle Gaborit 0872793819
Email: isabellegaborit@gmail.com14207807_1755288104711290_8559317566206688372_o

Launch of The Romantique II, February 13th

IMG_0945Some of Isabelle Gaborit’s work will be shown at the Revival Gallery. Please join us this Saturday the 13th for the launch of ‘The Romantique II’ exhibition featuring works by Irish artists from every corner of Ireland.

Wine reception 2 – 6pm.

Exhibition runs until the 6th of March.

Opening Hours: Friday – Saturday 12 – 6pm, Sunday 2 – 6pm.

Gallery is located on Main Street, Moneygall, Co. Offaly across from Ollie Hayes Bar, 1km from M7, Junction 23