Between a Rock and the Hard Place: Limited New Collection

I am thrilled to share my newest limited series of small works

Between a Rock and the Hard Place

This new series of encaustic paintings is an ode to my deep connection to the landscape of the West coast of Ireland and its unapologetic Beauty.

The naked shores, the twisted trees, the deep cracks and the ruggedness of the stones.

I am particularly interested in the geological processes that have built up layer overtime, layers of the past that the harsh weather is slowly breaking down and revealing overtime.

I think of my art process very much akin to those geological processes

Like the natural forces that shape the landscape and the skyscape, each painting goes through numerous stages from creation to decay.

As the paintings go through the physicality of what could be akin to an archaeological process, layers of pigmented beeswax are built up, scrapped back while cooled, scored, and shaped, creating highly tactile surfaces.

Remnants of what has come before are left as a new landscape unfold.

there is no resolution or end point, just process.

You can learn more about my process of creating these on my Instagram

This is a unique and rare opportunity to add a piece from this very special series to your art collection.

This series of artwork do also run parallel with my essay entitled ‘Living in a liminal world ‘, part of a new anthology

The Art of Place : People and Landscape of County Clare

Edited by Peadar King & Anne Jones, including 30 specially commissioned photographic interpretations by award-winning photographer John Kelly

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