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About the virtual course


Bring evocative and expressive seascape to life exploring the depths, translucency and layering potentials of encaustic  painting.

The vast sea endures an eternally appealing source of inspiration, not just for its beauty but also its metaphorical potential, stirring within us a sense of greatness and timelessness.

The encaustic layering process allows capturing the dynamic of flow, colours and depths emerging in unexpected ways and some of the most interesting results are achieved by simply going with the flow of the paint and seeing where it takes you.

Add a step by step methodology and some expertise, and the results become filled with meaning and expression.




During this course, Isabelle guides you through her step-by-step process for creating an evocative seascape using the encaustic  painting process. Start from the basics, adding artistic techniques to the flow of your blowtorch to create expressive compositions.

Encaustic is an ancient medium used in Ancient Egypt to create paintings, involving pure natural beeswax melted with Damar resin, to which natural pigments may be added. This process will harden and add transparency, vibrancy, and lustre to the artwork.

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This course includes


∴ Recorded online session which contain demonstrations of new techniques and projects ( length of recording: 2h 30 )

∴ Access to your online classroom where you will have access to downloadable course resources & lessons

∴  lifetime access to course video accessible at your own leisure via my private You Tube Channel.

∴ Access to private FB group to share your work, stay motivated and encouraged and remain accountable. You will also have access to resources and ask direct questions to facilitator and fellow encaustic artists from around the world !


Important note: This is an intermediate class and this course is suitable for people with a basic knowledge of encaustic painting.









Who is the class for?

This course is suitable for people with a basic knowledge of encaustic painting. For beginners course please check here.


What happens after I register for the course?  

Very shortly after you register, you will receive more information about gathering your materials, password and access to the class website, and Facebook page.


How will you be able to interact with me?


When you register for the course, you will also gain access to a private FB group where you will be able to share your works, ask questions and start conversation. We all have something to say, so let’s share and grow together



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Once you register I will provide you with the link to your online classroom, where you will find all the information on  how to prepare for your workshop session.

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