5 consecutive one to one online sessions



You would like to participate to one of my live workshops, yet it is not possible yet for you to attend?

You would like to learn encaustic painting yet do not know where to start?

You have already participated to one workshop, yet wish to expand and refine your understanding of encaustic by gaining more control over the medium ?

My new one to one coaching private sessions will transform your learning experience !

Available for time zones all over the world




How does it work?

After we agree on the time for the call, we will agree on what you wish to learn (all levels welcome: total beginners/ advanced or working on particular project)


What materials would I need ?

This will depend on your level and your needs. I will send you a short list of simple materials to acquire

You will need ( please refer to my resource page for supplies and suppliers)

  • Hot plate
  • Heat gun or blowtorch
  • Brushes
  • Encaustic medium and some colours ( i can send you a small list of basic colours)
  • A board to paint on
  • Wi-Fi connection and camera set on tripod


And you will be on your way to create beautiful artworks with confidence !

Participating to Isabelle’s workshop has done wonders for my mindset and self esteem

Wiltrud, workshop participant