Encaustic Paintings

Land, Sea and Sky


In this recent body of work, Isabelle has been compelled to explore the primal theme of light embedded in her connection to the ever changing Irish landscape.  The works act as a reflective rendition of the remarkable light value of this land, composed entirely of the environment’s three most prominent physical characteristics, the Land, the Sea and the sky. As the light shift slowly through the environment, the boundaries between each becomes increasingly blurry, each merging into the other, all becoming Light and reflections. She strives to conjure up a sense of liminality in her paintings, where there is no separation between Land, Sea and sky, in order to ignite the imagination of the viewer while she reflects on the aesthetic power of light enhanced through layers of molten pigmented wax

Watery Depths


In this series of paintings Isabelle explores the universal themes of life, ancestral streams, and memory – embedded in our connection to waters, enhanced through layers of photography, wax and paint.

Through the encaustic layering process she captures the dynamics of flow, light, and emergent imagery, seeking an inner and an outer world beneath mirrored waves of wax and pigment, luring the viewer into ghostly pools – gateways to a world both sensual and introspective.



Isabelle’s creative process involves the application of semi-transparent layers of wax, paint, photography and pigment, striving to create depth and translucency without compromising the spirit of the medium or subject matter.

The physical process of encaustic painting echoes the alchemist’s repertoire of metamorphoses and process of manipulating mediums. The subject matter emerges in its true light via the transmutation of base materials through fire. During this alchemical process, matter shifts and transforms, resisting fixity, manifesting beyond the boundaries of the figurative, opening doors to a world both tangible and contemplative.