Month: February 2021

All the pretty little things

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

Robert Braul





At times we get so caught up with small trouble in life,  that the beauty of the small things which surround us gets obscured, to become invisible, abandoned.

Last week, I must confess, I indulged unreasonably into lamenting and wallowing  over the things I could not see or places I could not go to. This had created a smoke screen or a veil of gloom between me and what surround us, here in this beautiful, yet underrated  part of this island.





This week, I made the conscious decision to tear that veil of doom and gloom and rediscover my ‘natural habitat’, the woods and the lakeshores. Nothing big, nothing heroic, just a lovely walk on a soft day with my dogs.

I am one of those people who, if you are unfortunate to accompany me for a walk, will spend hours taking images of small things, the ripples of a wave or the wrinkles of an oak tree, the scintillating droplets on a leaf. I would happily stand still for hours listening to the song of the grieve ( I am still hoping to actually see that pesky grieve, however she has given me hours of contemplation last year !) . This is not a social event by any stretch of the imagination ! This is the reason why I much prefer solitary walks when I can indulge in my meanderings and musings unreservedly.



That time around, the lake seemed to glow and shine from within, as I indulge in a few hours staring at what lies below the golden waters. I felt for a second that I was offered a  glimpse into another world below, so close by, yet so removed from the world above. A little world with its own patterns and language, so occulted to us. Yet if you pay attention, it  may reveal itself  in the corner of your eyes.


Life has been peacefully quiet here for the last year and apart from spending each day in my studio, walking the shorelines or meandering the woods has kept me grounded and sane, all those little things which surround us, all this this beauty at the tip of our toes is just waiting for us to listen.

To pay attention.

Can you hear the call ?



Work in progress


I ended up coming back to the studio inspired and stated working on a large encaustic…still more to do on this one but here is a sneak peekaboo at what it



And now for some news



My very popular and sold out online workshop Ebb & Flow is now open for registration for March…so if you want to join us for a few hours exploring the depths of the Sea with us, book your space quickly, they are usually leave like hot cakes !


Here is a testimonial from a participant ,which has filled my inbox with sunshine this morning…



Passionate, delightful, and generous with her knowledge: this is Isabelle!

I had been longing to get to Ireland, to study with Isabelle in person, but knew that was going to be impossible.  

Instead, I took her Ebb and Flow zoom class 2/11/21, and came away incredibly charged, excited  and motivated.  

As a teacher, Isabelle is brimming with enthusiasm that is both relaxed yet vibrant. 

Her class was chock full of information, techniques and tips; the visual presentation was superb, and she answers questions thoroughly, even following up in emails.    
Couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling learning experience….

(well, except if I were actually with her in Ireland!)

Jinni R.




I am feeling the love !

so if you want to bring evocative and expressive seascape to life exploring the depths, translucency and layering potentials of encaustic  painting, this may be the course for you this Spring




And this week’s finished painting


This encaustic was a direct response the waterfall which I have the pleasure to visit on a regular basis, only 5 minutes from my home…

I love the energy of water, don’t you ?

Someone commented  ”The rocks don’t block my way, they make my journey more interesting’..I love this !



And I’m off to my vegetable patch which needs much attention, there is also beauty in mucky hands !

Go find the magic in the little things and be inspired.

Don’t forget to share the encaustic love to anyone you would think may be interested into trying their hands at this amazing process and do not hesitate to drop me a line if you wish to know more!

Have an inspired week end !




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