Month: January 2018

Facebook Live encaustic demonstration, Friday 26th January

Hi there

Well I can safely say right now that am on a roll with social media and I am super excited to introduce this new venture of mine, exploring the wonderful world of videos.  I have discovered FB Live, and what a fab tool, which allows me to talk to you about what is going on and for you to see me in action doing what I do best, play with blowtorches, molten beeswax and pigments!


I will be holding a free encaustic demonstration at 7.30pm

on Friday 26th January at the Birr Theatre and art centre for the openingof my solo show ‘Land Sea and sky’.

During this demonstration, which will last about 40 minutes, I will introduce those present to the amazing process that is encaustic painting!

You will be able to know everything you need to know about this ancient art, which involves molten pigmented beeswax; plus you will be able to watch me play with my blowtorch, such fun!

I will show you basics techniques of encaustic painting, sharing its spontaneous virtues of working with textures and colours and its versatility with building up layers.

AND I will also be able to answer all your questions!




Now, I do not expect all of you to be present physically at the opening, so as a present to all my customers and those who support my work, I will have a free FB live session on my artist page: Wild fire and wax.

Here are the few directions in order to view and not miss the FB live session of the encaustic demonstration which will take place, simultaneously next Friday, 26th April (or watch the replay):

  1. Like my page: Wild Fire and wax
  2. Go to the live video where I explain what will happen on the night. Watch replay here.
  3. In the right hand corner of the post click on the three little dots
  4. Click on Turn on Live notifications


Open the Wild fire and wax page, click under following and click all on (notifications, videos…)


It is that easy!

Hopefully I will catch you all next Friday at 7.30 PM there or online!

#keepcalmandcarryonpainting !

Best wishes,


Wild Fire & Wax studio