About me

I am a contemporary artist, though my preferred medium of encaustic is ancient. In my studio located on the scenic shores of Lough Derg, County Clare, I have rekindled the ancient painting process of Encaustics, an immediate and tactile painting method using molten pigmented beeswax. My creative process involves the application of semi-transparent layers of wax, paint, and pigment, striving to create depth and translucency without compromising the spirit of the medium or subject matter

In my work, I explores themes of complexity, memory, and sensory experience enhanced through layers of molten pigmented beeswax. Beeswax has been used since ancient times to preserve, protect and seal. The encaustic layering process allows capturing the dynamic of chaos, colors and images emerging in unexpected ways. I seek both the inner and outer world from beneath the dream-like layers of semi-transparent layers of wax and pigment. I try to build a unique reference and memory in my quest to grasp that elusive moment in time.



I am a professional visual artist ( BA hons ) who was born in La Rochelle in the south west of France but currently resides in Ireland. As a student I  have gained a foundation in sculpture, drawing and painting at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Poitiers, France and graduated in 2006 with an honours degree in Fine Arts in Ireland. Since then I have been exhibiting my work extensively; nationally and internationally, among others, in Northern Ireland, China, and France. I am a former member of Artspace in Galway and G126 and one of the founding members of Art In Studio, East Clare  artist studios trail. I am  a proud member of the Bite the Biscuit Community, #1 Community for Creative Entrepreneurs and registered with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s (DCCoI.

I am also a member of International Encaustic Artists ( IEA).


Teaching experience

I have extensive and active knowledge in facilitating art workshops, gained from over 20 years experience. I have organised projects through the Arts Council and have worked within the school system as an art teacher. I have specialised my artistic practice  in Encaustic painting since 2013 and I am experienced in conducting group workshops and demonstrations on demand for art enthusiasts, absolute beginners and developing artists alike, wanting to discover a new versatile painting process. ( Click here for more information about my encaustic painting workshops)