Encaustic Resources

Ready to set up your encaustic studio,

yet do not know where to start ?


I have set up this page for those who are curious about encaustic materials or who wish to set up their own encaustic studio .

You will find below a list of recommended and trusted products, books and tools which I use daily in my own studio, creation of artworks and workshops.

Please click on individual links to find out more about each product.Enjoy !



Recommended books


These are the books you can find in my studio, and they have been a never-ending source of inspiration for me and those who come to my workshops; I would highly recommend them.



Encaustic medium


Making your own encaustic medium is fun and very cost effective, using pure refined beeswax and damar resin. Follow this link for the short You Tube video where I show you how to make the medium. However, for those who do not have the time to craft it themselves, the R&F encaustic medium is of high quality and very user friendly.




These are the tools you can’t do without. I have also added my favorite blowtorches, each having its own use in the studio.


Tools & Materials


Please find below other tools you will need to create encaustic paintings


Pigments and pigment sticks


In order to color my encaustic medium I use pure powder pigments . One of my most favorite materials are the R&F pigments sticks, which are highly pigmented and which can be added effortlessly to your molten medium, try them if you can, they are divine to use and the colors are rich and vibrant. I have also added the Pearl Ex pigments which are beautifully iridescent and which can also be added to your encaustic medium.



Wood panels


I would recommend you get friendly with your local DIY shop and have MDF or plywood cut to size at a very affordable price. Alternatively, here is what you can find online.



Mixed media


I have also added this section to add materials used in mixed media techniques .


Do you still have questions?

I will be delighted helping you out, to the best of my ability of course ! You can contact me here.


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