Welcome to Painting with Fire Online Workshop 2024/2025

Do you want to advance your skills exponentially from the best Encaustic Painters in the world?

I am honoured this year to have been invited to take part in tis amazing online course.

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Here’s why you won’t want to miss out:


  • Captivating Video Classes: Dive into 54 captivating video classes featuring insights from 27 expert instructors. Each class is a treasure trove of knowledge, techniques, and inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, there’s something for everyone.
  • Bonus Content Galore: Beyond the core classes, you’ll gain access to bonus studio tours, fundamental instruction videos, and so much more. It’s like having a backstage pass to the world of encaustic art.
  • Lifetime Access: Once you’re in, you’re in! Enjoy lifetime access to every video released this year. Learn at your own pace, revisit valuable insights, and watch your creativity soar.
  • Community Connection: Join our exclusive private Facebook creative community. Connect with instructors, fellow students, and share your progress. It’s a supportive space where ideas flourish.
  • Encaustic Supplies Discounts: As a special bonus, you’ll receive discounts on encaustic supplies. Fuel your passion without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to take your encaustic painting skills to new heights?

Would you like to master the art of encaustic painting and embark on a journey of discovery and learning?


Join us in exploring the secrets of the world’s best encaustic artists, connecting with a vibrant community of fellow creators who share their experience and passion for this exquisite medium.

Painting with Fire Online Workshop 2024/2025 is your opportunity to learn from over 27 world-renowned encaustic artists, Including 10 new sharing their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of this wonderful medium.

Painting with Fire is not just a course; it’s an immersive experience where You get to peek into their practice and see what is behind the scenes and what inspires them. Plus a look at their studio setup!


Designed for artists of all skill levels, this immersive year-long course offers over 70 hours of expert tuition to help you achieve excellence in your encaustic journey.





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Course Details


  • Course Duration: Year-long course

  • Start Date: Class starts on  April 24th  but since these are prerecorded videos, you can register anytime! You get instant access to the already released classes when you sign up.

  • Delivery: Video-based classes delivered weekly for a whole year( More than 70 hours)

  • Lifetime access to all classes.

  • Weekly classes are approximately 60 mins or longer.

  • Work along, at your leisure or just watch, and jump in when you are ready

  • There will also be basic instruction videos as a bonus, if you need to get a little of the basics before you get to the fabulous fancy stuff.


Ready to ignite your creativity? Join Painting with Fire Online Workshop 2024/2025 today and unlock your artistic potential






I will be offering two classes only part of PWF4

Immersive Landscape Sketching: Capturing the Moment

In this class, the focus transcends the conventional notions of sketching the landscape. Join Isabelle Gaborit as she unveils her daily artistic routine, centred around sketching in the landscape, absorbing the atmosphere, and crafting personal and sensorial  responses. Participants will delve into Isabelle’s unique approach, not only learning the art of capturing atmosphere but also immersing themselves in a daily practice of sketching and drawing, laying the groundwork for expressive encaustic paintings. The emphasis is on delving into mark-making and gestures as a means of a direct and intuitive connection with the essence of the surroundings. The ultimate objective is to foster an embodied experience, enabling participants to visually memorialize the intricacies of a place – from its forms and colours to its textures and patterns.



Painting the Wild: A Journey into Expressive Landscape Art

Building upon the foundations laid in the preceding online class, this session serves as a direct continuation, where Isabelle will demonstrate how she translates those experiences back in the studio with a focus on direct and expressive responses.

Isabelle will share her process of distillation of these experiences and share her repertoire of techniques for crafting highly textured surfaces in your encaustic paintings. Emphasizing the significance of a limited palette, she will guide you through the nuances of colour selection and application, allowing them to infuse their artworks with a richness that mirrors the intensity of their outdoor encounters.

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