Firepaint With Me


Explore the World of Encaustic Painting: From Live Workshops to Personalized Mentoring Sessions


Whether in  venues across Ireland, on an international stage, within the private haven of my encaustic studio, or through the convenience of online sessions, immerse yourself in the allure of encaustic painting—an ancient art form utilizing pigmented molten beeswax.


Testimonials Speak Louder Than Words:

“Isabelle inspires creativity. A great artist with talent and passion, evident in both her art and teaching. Spending time with her encourages experimentation and pushes boundaries. I highly recommend her workshops—a relaxing experience that leaves you craving more.” – Monica, Workshop Participant

Are you intrigued by the world of encaustic painting?

Are you an art enthusiast seeking to explore a versatile and creative process?


In my workshops, I offer a truly unique artistic experience, guiding participants to uncover their ‘fiery side’ through the mesmerizing medium of encaustic painting—a centuries-old technique involving molten pigmented beeswax and the dance of a blowtorch.

No prior experience is required! These art classes are inclusive, catering to everyone from absolute beginners to developing artists.

Throughout the workshops, I introduce participants to the foundational techniques of encaustic painting, emphasizing its spontaneous qualities in working with texture and colors, as well as its versatility in layering.

In an atmosphere filled with fun and relaxation, participants have the chance to learn easy yet impactful techniques, empowering them to create beautiful artworks to cherish. Through an experimental approach to technique and paint manipulation, each individual crafts a stunning piece, enhancing it with a diverse range of artistic techniques.

Join me on a journey of artistic exploration, where encaustic painting becomes more than a technique—it becomes a medium for self-expression and a catalyst for unleashing your creative fire.









I had the pleasure of attending an Encaustic workshop with Isabelle and I’m not sure I can find the right words to explain how much I got out of it. It ticked all the boxes. I got to spend the whole day being creative. I got to watch an artist teach what she so clearly loves and that is good for the soul… you can so easily get swept away with Isabelle’s excitement, enthusiasm and pure love for what she does and I got to be part of that, what a privilege. I got two beautiful encaustic pieces that I treasure. I got a new medium to play with, I made new friends and I most certainly got Isabelle’s contact details so I can attend the next workshop. If you want to explore your creative side, I couldn’t recommend this more. You have nothing to lose but you have all the above to gain.

Siobhan, workshop participant


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