Cancel the swim, go back to work !


Moment of panic

Yesterday…there was major panic in the studio!! PANIC I say!! Mad CRAZY FRENCH DRAMATIC PANIC!

Let’s go back a few steps shall we…and allow me to introduce you to a slice of my life.

Each day starts easy here in wonderland…I usually wake up early (not by choice…the pesky sun usually does a good job waking me up at ungodly hours…) and I proceed to have my first cup of coffee…this one is designed just to remember who I am, why I am here and what’s my name…not a pretty sight…but within half an hour, things get pretty clear…I need another cup of coffee..


Anyway, after a few of these delicious hot dark beverages and a quick scan of the ‘cleanliness of my house’ (who said I was not a domestic goddess??)  I do wander to the studio to switch on my hotplates…and while these little guys take their time to warm up the delicious pigmented beeswax and fill the studio with their luring scent, I go for a swim.

Those who know me do know that I am a water baby but mostly because it is beautiful here by  Lough Derg  and the lake is literally in the garden. It is also a great way to fit in some well deserved ‘me time’ (self care matters people!  here is another blog post on this matter).


Well yesterday this did not happen. Self care went out the window!


I made it to the third cup of coffee and wandered to the studio.

I switched on my laptop to do a quick check up on my website…when… chock chock HORROR! Summer schedule was sold out…


Now you may ask yourself ‘she has gone mad!! This is amazing news!’

Of course it is…don’t get me wrong; I am overwhelmed by the support and the love!Thank you so much !

But now I have no workshops, no spaces to offer to you, Firepainting enthusiasts! And my autumn schedule was supposed to be launched at the end of August…


AFTER the SWIMMING in the lake…

AFTER the holidays in FRANCE drinking pina coladas by my dad’s pool!

Cancel the swim Isa…You are going to be here for a while!



Back to the drawing board !

So I proceeded to make myself another pot of coffee, plugged myself to my laptop and switch on my left brain (appreciate the sacrifice please!) and took a long look at my calendar.


By 8 pm, there it was…the autumn schedule was now all shinny and ready to go!

By 8.30pm…I was IN the lake pretty smug with myself.


And now we breathe.


So where am I going with this?


Well my lovely fire lovers…I can now announce that the early bird registration for my autumn schedule will be available to all my faithful subscribers this Thursday at 6 pm, via my mailing list, way before everybody else . (Because I am a lovely person so I am)



What to expect this season?

I managed to fit 6 full days workshops in my studio, in east Clare, but also in Dublin, Galway and Cork! (Yeah Cork I am coming back to you gorgeousness!)

You have asked me to do other encaustic vessels workshops, and there is one too!


In my madness, I have also decided to go live via my Facebook page on Thursday morning at 11am for a little Q&A live and to announce the dates before the launch, come and join me!



And please do send me your questions about anything you would like to know about encaustic painting and never dared to ask, it will be fun….11am on Thursday, mark it on your calendars and come and say hello!

Have a wondrous and creative week!

Don’t forget to share the encaustic love to anyone you would think may be interested into trying their hands at this amazing process and do not hesitate to drop me a line if you wish to know more!

Thank you all for your wonderful support and looking forward sharing this amazing process with you in the near future!




Do you want to be part of the journey and find your flow? Are you curious about encaustic painting? Are you looking for something new to spark up your creativity this spring? Then I would love sharing with you my passion for encaustic painting!

PS: I post regularly my artist process, free encaustic demonstrations and what fires me up along the way on my blog. If you wish to be notified by email, please subscribe to my mailing list, thank you!