Seduced by Light

My first memory is of light

the brightness of light

light all around.

Georgia O’Keefe


The call of the Sea

I woke up early this Monday morning.

The autumn light was streaming through the blinds and I could smell the sea air, which was very strange by itself, considering that the sea is about 1 hour and an half drive from my home by the shores of Lough Derg .

Yet, there are time when the salty breeze crosses the land and reaches me. And when this happens, there is only one thing left to do…cancel all things of no matter , jump in the car and drive until her salty shores for a splash or two.

That Monday, I actually had a reason, or an excuse to ramble on. One of my former student  had messaged me to let me know she was setting up her encaustic studio in Recess in the heart of Connemara.

Being a curious creature by nature, I was terribly excited to see her set up.

That was the excuse I needed.. if I ever needed one.


An adventure

So I set myself on an adventure for the day, armed with dog and picnic.

This was going to be a good day.

Once you drive past Oughterald on the N59, the breath-taking scenery of Connemara  grabs you by the throat and the only thing left to do is to meander through the mountains and the lakes. You soon end up chasing the light, which plays hide and seek with the clouds.

Wonders, wonders, oh the things you will see !

There is something otherworldly about this magnificent place, it glows from the INSIDE. There is a light present there I have never seen anywhere else and it is impossible to remove your gaze from it.





Everything shines, shimmers and may it be a sunny day or a bleak winters morning…the landscape will haunt you and demand your attention.

All of it.

Connemara will never leave you cold.






Lets dream shall we !


By the time I reached my friend studio, my mind was already set:

I HAVE to convince her to allow me to organise a workshop in her studio.

Not much convincing was required and after a rather large mug of coffee, Dates and plans were forged, hands were shaken, there was no turning back.

So let’s imagine for a while,  being surrounded by the snow caped Sléibhte Mhám Toirc, the rugged beauty of the Inagh Valley, where the light,  clouds and mist fight for dominance and offers an amazing palette in full display.


 In the autumn, the mountains would change from grey to dazzling white and then glow golden orange with the descending sun.  As storm passes, the sky, which was once black tuns blue, the hills from orange, brown, red and green.  The countryside sparkle and everything contribute: The sky, the hills, lakes and rivers, stone walls and paddocks.

A feast of Light.

A rush of sensations.



I invite you to spend the week-end in the stunningly beautiful world class vista which is Connemara and discover the art of encaustic painting, an ancient painting process using molten beeswax, resins, and natural pigments.

This two day workshop in Recess, right in the heart of Connemara, with views of lakes and forest, is the perfect opportunity to take two days for yourself, to focus on your work, and take it to the next level. During the workshops, participants will be exposed to basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques in working with encaustic medium. Whether you come with a project in mind or a blank canvas, you will find support and input, from likeminded people, while being given all the skills you need for creative growth. Allow the light filled ruggedness of Connemara to inspire and generates new visions, while taking the opportunity to meet fellow artists.

We will share what inspire us

You will be shown different ways to translate it into your artworks.

Soak in the landscape, refresh and create!

Interested ?

Click the link below for all information and booking link




I look forward meeting some of you you this Autumn and share with you blissful moments of sheer unbound creativity !

Don’t forget to share the encaustic love to anyone you would think may be interested into trying their hands at this amazing process and do not hesitate to drop me a line if you wish to know more!

Have an inspired week end !



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